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Meet The Team

Jonathan Metcalf


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Jonathan aka “JMET”

JMET is one of the founders of the Kong Valley Collective. Born and raised in Oregon, but no stranger to travel and adventure! JMET was in the United States Marine Corps, where he served for four years and spent a couple tours overseas in the Afghanistan war! Currently living in Oregon again, JMET has a Fiancé and four kids, his “real inspiration!” He has many hobbies but hunting, fishing and adventure are his passion... outside of the family and the KVC of course! JMET is an average man, working a blue collar job by day, and working on marketing on the side. He wants everyone to know that your passion matters, and you can truly achieve whatever you set your mind to! Feel free to reach out to him with any questions as he loves to get to know the Kong Valley Nation.

Tyler McCluskey


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I grew up loving the outdoors, backpacking and hunting with my dad in the mountains of southwest Montana. Now living in coastal range of Oregon, I love taking my own kids out to do the same. Any chance I can, I get out and enjoy the wilderness, but working fulltime with 3 kiddos it can get tough. That just makes every minute I get out there that much more special.

Luke Ellifritz


Chief Operating Officer

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I am a 38 year old married father of 2. I was born, raised and live in Wyoming. I was mentored into hunting and fishing by my Dad, grandpa and Uncles.

Elk hunting is my passion. I have spent 30 years chasing elk across the west. I believe strongly in passing on our traditions and helping others chase there hunting dreams.

In the spring and summer months you will find me on a river fly fishing for trout or scouting for elk

Jimmy Glaeser

Chief of Staff

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 I am a  Husband, Father, and lover of the outdoors. Growing up in Northern Wisconsin, i spent my child hood playing outside and going out hunting and fishing with my dad.  Bow hunting is my passion, but Now that I’m a father there’s nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my son outside.

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Dan Troup

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Dan is a blue collar country boy that was raised with a fishing pole in one hand and a .22 rifle in the other, so it’s safe to say that hunting is in his DNA. His parents and scouting, he is an Eagle Scout, taught him at an early age to respect and appreciate everything outdoors. Just like his father before him, hunting has always been more than just a hobby; a way of life and a way to put sustenance on the table, which has grown over the years into an obsession. Residing in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, Dan will hunt whichever species of animal is in season, but Whitetails and trail cameras are his true passions.
His main outdoors and conservation goals include: preserve the lands and culture of hunting for generations to come, pass along knowledge and experience for others’ benefit, and to provide society with a different view of hunting that isn’t focused on the kill, but enjoying the outdoors and making unforgettable memories with family and friends. 

Shay Tompkins

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My name is Shay Tompkins and I’m from a family of outfitters.

I’ve devoted my life to the outdoor industry as I started guiding at the age of 18. For the last 6 years I’ve been guiding elk, moose, black bear, wolf and stone sheep in northern BC Canada. This year I’ve decided to go to the Northwest Territories to guide for Dall sheep, moose and caribou.
While not guiding in Canada during the fall, I spend my winters hunting cougars with hounds and trapping my own trapline.
I spend my springs either in New Zealand hunting and guiding, or back home grain farming for my family.
I am very passionate for the outdoors and couldn’t imagine living a better life.

Charles Klienberg

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I am a very passionate and driven individual. I go into things full speed with the intent of giving it my all. My full time and a half occupation is a journeyman lineman. My other jobs are being a good role model and father to my son, and being a strong, hardworking husband for my lovely wife. 

The unknown of the outdoors and nature has always been one of my number one passions. Not knowing what is around the next tree, or what’s on the other side of the hill has intrigued me to get out and enjoy what most people will never see. Enjoying the small things while I’m out hunting, fishing, or hiking is most important to me. I take pride in seeing past the stereotype and taking in all aspects of the experience. Sitting back and soaking the whole scene in is just as important to me as the adventure is.

Ricky Van

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My name is Ricky Van and I am addicted to fishing. Growing up I always fished with my Father and Grandfather but as I grew older the 4 hour trips just weren’t long enough. Now you can find me on the water anywhere from 20 to 40+ hours a week. While fishing is the love of my life I’m also a student and in the process of opening my own business. This year I have also picked up a new hobby, ARCHERY!!! I’m still in the practice stages but becoming more comfortable with my bow daily. I’m hoping to land my first turkey and whitetail here in 2019.  

Tyler Walker

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My name is Tyler Walker and I was born and raised in Northern Michigan. Long story short I've been raised around family and friends that thrive to be in the outdoors. I was raised to get out and provide for my family and learned to respect everything that was given to us to be able to harvest and enjoy. Waterfowl hunting is what I truly love to do. Getting out with good friends even on a day where we see absolutely nothing but a awesome sunrise and sunset, just to be out taking it all in, is what it's all about! I have a beautiful family and I am excited for the many years to come to show my love for the outdoors to my daughter, June Marie. Can't wait for the future together and the many memories we all will make together! We are Kong strong! 

Lena Mansour

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Originally hailing from the south, Lena booked it to Montana the first opportunity she got. She rented her beach home, sold her boat and motorcycle, and left everything she knew for an opportunity to live in the “last best place”.

She holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Texas State University, and is currently a graduate student obtaining her Masters in Business from the University of Montana, as well as being a real estate agent. Prior to real estate, most of her extensive working experience was within the construction industry.

In her spare time, she enjoys all the beauty Montana has to offer! She loves to fish, hike, travel, track wildlife, and spend countless hours photographing the endless beauty that surrounds her. She currently volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and United in Light Draft Horse Sanctuary. Her claim to fame is catching 150 mullet and flounder with just one cast net throw. Her next aspiration is learning to bow hunt and call elk. Her personal mission is to inspire and encourage others to live their best life and experience all the beauty and opportunities the great outdoors has to offer!

Colleen Donohue

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I’m Colleen Donohue, I grew up hunting in Pecan Island, Louisiana. I was lucky enough to be born into a family of duck hunters, and a dad who has a passion for the outdoors. My dad began bringing me out when I was around 3 and I’ve been learning and enjoying the outdoors ever since.  In more recent years I began taking care of the family camp and land year round, since the rest of the family only use it for duck season. I’ve found the outdoors to be one of the best types of therapy. I get to go out and hunt or fish quietly and reflect on things going on around me. When I get to bring someone else with me, they may need a laugh or a smile for whatever reason but it’s guaranteed you’ll get one. It may be you acquired food for you and your family, there was a funny moment or joke, a once in a lifetime sunset or sunrise, and I know I don’t always go out there to hunt, sometimes you go to track or scope out the land with your camera and end up catching an amazing moment of a scene or whatever animals in a rare moment. I don’t know it is all just so therapeutic. People need it for different reasons, I’m not here to judge I’m just here to learn all I can and share that knowledge!

Clayton Cerday

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Clayton grew up bow hunting in Texas and chasing elk in the mountains during September.  After high school he started working as a camera man for a show on the Versus network called Tejas Adventures.  During that time, he also attended Texas State University skipping class to hunt, film and guide buddies on their elk hunts in the mountains.  He later earned a degree and now works as a Microbiologist but still pursues photography and Cinematography on the side.  

Jackson Adams

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My name is Jackson Adams I am 18 and just a good ol boy from Georgia who loves to spend his free time outdoors hunting fishing and doing anything I can to stay in the woods i don’t look forward to every hunt just to kill i look forward to the memories and fun times spent with good buddies and other outdoorsman it’s not about how many you kill it’s about the friendships made and enjoying gods country.

Elizabeth Greer

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My name is Elizabeth and I was born and raised in Mississippi. I am lucky enough to have parents that are constantly hunting and fishing. I’ve never seen one go to the woods or water without the other, and when my sister and I came along, it was the same way, so we followed suit. I was extremely lucky to find someone that held all the same interests and passion for the outdoors when I met my husband. We hunt just about everything, but alligator hunting is one of our favorites. Our team, Team Gatorslayer, has held 2 MS state records. The first being in 2006 and second in 2013. Alligator hunting isn’t like any other kind of hunting and the adrenaline is something I live for. Although, there’s nothing like a gobble at day break or a whitetail at dusk. We are huge archers and have been exclusively bow hunting for around 7 years now. 2 years ago I came home with a crazy idea of opening up my own bow shop and Gator Archery and Outdoors was born (thankfully my husband goes along with crazy ideas). Hunting and fishing is a huge part of my life and I live for it. But, I now live for it even more, because our daughter Henley is involved. She LOVES hunting and has made many hunts already, at only 2.5 years old. I thought I had a love and passion for the outdoors, but that only grows when you get to share it with someone else. We live for the experiences rather than the trophies and it’s an amazing opportunity that God has blessed us with the great outdoors. Happy hunting y’all!

Tim Tearney

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My name is Tim Tierney from Prior Lake, MN. Being from Minnesota home of 10,000 lakes you think I would of been fishing everyday. Not the story, hockey was my life when I was younger all the way up to college level. I tried to fish and hunt when I could. When I moved to Duluth, MN for college is when I found a love for the outdoors again.  Duluth is located on the west shoreline of Lake Superior. The lake is amazing, here is where I hone my skills. I fish all year round( mostly open water, occasionally some ice does form enough to fish it) from deep water trolling in the boat to shore casting. There are many tributaries that flow into the lake that we target fish.