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Esee RB3 & Armatus Sheath


My first impression of the RB3 was comfort, it just felt good in my hand, the micarta scales have just enough traction without being too aggressive and uncomfortable. I wear large size gloves and I had plenty of room for a solid grip. One of my favorite features is the finger groove, I’ve owned fixed blade knives without a finger groove and I find myself restraining my efforts on tasks that require more force, but that’s not the case with the R3.

Full tang, with a 3.5” Scandinavian grind, this knife handles tasks like a larger blade, processing wood easily and with less effort than other grind angles. I have no complaints with this knife, sure it could be 4.5” or 5”, but then it would lose its ability to be concealed easily along with how easy it is to carry in a variety of ways.


The Armatus architect sheath falls under the “Keep It Simple Stupid” philosophy and it shines. I love the simplicity of this sheath, it was so easy to attach and carry. The Armatus was surprisingly concealable, I was able to easily conceal an ESEE RB3, which is designed to be an outdoor knife, around my suburban community with this sheath, even on a less ridged belt. Lock up is just that, locked up! I experienced zero retention or sloop on my sheath.

My experience with this sheath has been great. I have been a skeptic of aftermarket sheaths, but after using the Armatus architect, I can say I’m a believer.

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