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Esee PR4

Initial impression: the textured handle is ergonomically appealing and easily gripped by both feminine and masculine hands, the blade is sharp and ready for action, the overall package is well-balanced and visually attractive.

In the field: the sheath is beautifully made and easily attached to a belt or a day pack, making it readily accessible throughout your adventures. The blade doesn’t require coaxing to be put to the task at hand, whether it is cutting your day’s forage or gilling that big halibut you pulled onto the deck.

Pros: beautifully crafted, sharp, easy to handle. Quality workmanship all the way through.

Cons: not your most compact knife option. If you are wanting something more compact, I’d recommend looking at other Esee models such as the Pinch or the Expat Medellin Folder.

This knife will be a staple for a long time to come!

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