Kong Valley


The Kong Valley Collective (KVC) is a group of like minded people who are passionate about the outdoors, hunting and fishing to be specific. Although OUR passion is in fishing and hunting we absolutely love and support all things outdoor related. That being said the KVC is going to be focused on redefining the word “success “ when it comes to hunting and fishing. We believe that the industry has become corrupt and distorted with the need to harvest or catch trophy class animals for the purposes of social media acceptance! That is very concerning and sad to us; as all of us do this because it both fills our primal and primitive inclinations and is something we truly love.  Every time we go in the woods there is something to take from it and apply in the “W” column and chalk up as a win! Whether it be a tag punched, a break from the daily grind or watching the sunrise or sunset above the mountains and the trees, there is truly something majestic to being in the wild. If you love all things outdoors we want to hear from you, we believe in bridging the gap with all things outdoors. Where does your passion take you? 



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